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New Courtwall™ all glass courts for World Open in Qatar

Posted on October 17, 2014 by Ryan Leisure

Following the successful installation of the new Courtwall™ all glass show court for the 2014 Junior World Championships in Namibia, two additional courts have now been ordered.  The first, following a last minute decision by the Qatar Olympic Committee to replace the existing 15 year old glass court in the Kalifa Stadium complex to a brand new Courtwall™ show court for the 2014 WORLD OPEN.  In addition, Peter Nicol and Tim Garner`s EVENTIS company sold their existing Courtwall™ all glass court to a group in Nigeria for the November PSA tournament and have ordered a brand new court from Courtwall™ as a result.

Courtwall Namibia 2

Peter Nicol talks about the deal in the following interview: 

Peter, you and your partners at Eventis Sports have used a COURTWALL all glass court since 2005 for your own squash events, and also renting out to other promoters. I understand this court has now been sold to a group in Nigeria, but what was your experience with the CW glass court during this time?

In the 10 years we have owned the court we have had no issues in terms of its build or playability, and have only sold it because they were looking for a second hand court in Lagos, which gave us an opportunity to get a new one. Most importantly from my point of view the players have always commented how much they enjoyed playing on the Courtwall court.

Eventis has now ordered a new glass court from COURTWALL, are there any new developments and improvements on this court?

The new court will have several enhanced features utilising the latest technology including LED lights, a darker real wood floor in uniform colour, a front wall glass with less transparency due to technical changes, more glass height on the front wall for additional PR space. It will also be ready for new LED PR and score boards, as and when the technology is ready to be incorporated within the confines of a squash court.

Other versions of the glass court have the glass on the front and side walls up to 600cm – is this the case on the new COURTWALL all glass court as well?

No, my partners & I at Eventis now have 10 years’ experience in building all glass courts up/down in different venues all over the world, and recognise that one key element for events to bring the installation time down to a minimum. Sites are expensive to rent for promoters, every day is costly. As a result we believe in keeping the glass installation as low as possible, which enables our court to be built in approximately 20-24hrs (subject to the venue). The additional benefit is that it enables us to have only 4 different panel sizes on the whole court, thus minimising the spare parts and enabling simple interchanges of panels. Squash balls occasionally leave the playing arena, in the same way they do in other sports, and the benefits of having a court that can be built/broken down quicker far outweigh trying to avoid this.

Courtwall have used your and Eventis’ expertise to optimize the new court, when and where will we see the new court?

It’s been great to be involved with the development of the new court. We will take delivery towards the end of the year and the court will be unveiled at the Finnish Open at the end of January 2015 before making its Canary Wharf debut in March. Exciting times!!

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