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Jesse Engelbrecht’s Top Squash Tips

Posted on October 10, 2014 by Ryan Leisure

Surrey Sports Park’s Head Coach, Jesse Engelbrecht provides his top tips to help improve your game. This month he focuses on movement:

Early on in the season, one of the main areas I like to encourage my players to do is to keep the focus simple and make it about their movement. Movement is one of the key areas in squash to unlock lots of areas of the game. The ability to hit a consistent and quality length is paramount and a good flow and rhythm to a player’s movement is a huge contributing factor in order to try and achieve this.

Trying to attach a controlled body weight transfer on each shot is also encouraged as it helps give weight to the shot as well as letting the player aid a better recover to the central T position. Without weight transfer sometimes a player becomes static and the recovery takes a lot more effort to execute.

With the flow back to the T the player is now ready to follow up and hunt the next shot and gives them the ability to anticipate where to move next. Timing of movement towards and out of the central T area is worth practising by all players and can be done so by ghosting movements by yourself without a ball. Ghosting makes up a large part of any serious players training regime and there are lots of different patterns that should be practised in order to keep the flow of movement constant, smooth and rhythmical. Also lots of different patterns makes it fresh and challenging.

Good luck working on this and make this a large area of focus in order to not get distracted or over critical of poor shot execution. Try and watch some top pros online on how well they execute their movements and emulate them.

The latest news from Surrey Sports Park 

The Surrey Cup is back and starts this week, Monday 6 October! The team at Surrey Sports Park are ready and well prepared for a great season ahead. They have 5 Mens teams, 2 Ladies teams, 2 Veterans teams, 2 Vintage teams and 1 Racketball team all representing them this coming Winter season. Over 85 members will be representing these teams. Their pros and members have been training hard over the summer and are all excited by the prospect of some good results and performances ahead. All the players are happy and proud of their new team shirts this year showing off the Ryan Leisure logo across the back and will be seen at many clubs over the whole of Surrey and beyond over the next few months.

It was great to meet the squash team at Surrey Sports Park last week, such a friendly bunch and they looked great in their new kit. We look forward to backing them for success this season!

The Surrey Sports Park Team