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Jesse Engelbrecht’s Top Squash Tips

Posted on November 18, 2014 by Ryan Leisure

Surrey Sports Park’s Head Coach, Jesse Engelbrecht provides his top tips to help improve your squash game:

The Short Game

If you have watched some more of the modern squash out there you will notice that the game has accelerated to speeds that are almost super-human. One of the biggest changes of late has been with regard to the tactics. The game gets played in front of the back on the service boxes a lot now. Not to say that the length game is not important but at any given chance the players now like to take the ball in short and look to be more attacking. From my point of view this is a great thing and makes the game more open and more exciting. The players are fitter, faster and stronger than ever before have the ability to open the court up and still retrieve balls that seem dead and buried.

My point is, try and practice the ability to take the ball in short and develop this skill within your game. If you notice also at how short the back swings are becoming because the rackets are so light and flexible. When I’m coaching people about this topic I like to encourage them to be willing to experiment and try different things such as grip manipulation, more open or closed racket face, slightly different hip and shoulder positions, etc. In a nutshell be expressive and try increase the flair when attacking in short. Use the ability to cut the ball as this stops the ball very short and makes life difficult for your opponent. It should be an enjoyable thing to introduce into your game and will test out your opponent in different ways if you can increase the range of your shot quality and purpose into the front of the court.

Key points to note:

  • Be expressive and play with flair when going in short
  • Be adaptable with your grip and racket face
  • Look to use cut when possible to stun the ball in
  • Have fun trying it and be willing to make mistakes in order to learn


Have fun!


Jesse E